Where to get 128GB memory card in Bangladesh?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and as i know it supports up to 128GB of microSD memory card, so i was wondering is it really support and where i can get 128GB Memory Card in Bangladesh? I am looking for any reliable supplier where i can buy the original products and of course not the fake Chines memory card. If anybody has any information, please advise if there is any way to get 128GB on microSD card for my Samsung Galaxy S6. Thanks in advance.

frz Rising Star Asked on 11/30/2015 in E-Commerce,   General Questions,   Shopping.
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You can check here if you are looking for Sandisk 128GB memory card. thanks!

ReviewZone Newbie Answered on 03/09/2016.
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To buy large size of memory card, it is very important to buy trusted brand’s product instead of buying cheap product. If you are looking for 128gb memory card then you must be having latest models of smartphone and this is for sure your memory card is that much important as your mobile is. So, when you are buying memory card for your latest smartphones you should consider the worlds famous brands like SanDisk, Kingstone

Zakir Hosen Rising Star Answered on 03/14/2016.
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