Chromecast or EZcast which one is best?

in terms of the design, performance, price, service and other factors which one is the best for watching online movies or YouTube from internet? I have two device in mind one is Google Chromecast which is little expensive than the other one is EZcast. As i know Chromecast is designed and made by Google where EZcast is a Chinese made product. So, before investing i was wondering which one would be good if i consider all the above facts? thanks!

Linkon Newbie Asked on 03/17/2016 in Shopping,   Technology.
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    Google Chromecast is Google’s product and its made with all the latest innovation to give wings to the TV entertainment to new level. Chromceast is one of the top sellers and according to the Wikipedia and other source- Google has sold more than 20 millions pcs where EZcast is Chinese developed product. Basically EZcast is made with different concept with different OS and with different look in interface. Interms of the performance, quality, stability and other factors Google Chromceast is much more advanced than any other Streaming media at this time. Even Apple TV not that much affordable where the big limitation is Apple TV is only works with Apple product, where Chromecast works all Android, iOS, Mac, windows and chromebook. So, undoubtedly Chromecast is the best device to make your regular TV into Smart Internet TV with few extra money.

    Zakir Hosen Rising Star Answered on 03/17/2016.
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      I think Google chromecast is the best within the budget. It has wide compatibility and easy user friendly interface. so in my openion if i buy then i will definitley buy Google chroemcast even it’s little expensive than EZcast.

      Rabbi Newbie Answered on 03/26/2016.
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