Where to get Al Rehab Attar in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh where i can get original Arabian Attar or Ator Brands i mean world famous Attar brands like Al Rehab with all different flavors and different sizes in bottle or all other variations that its available. So if anybody could suggest me Where to get Al Rehab Attar in Bangladesh i will be really grateful. Thanks!

frz Rising Star Asked on 11/25/2015 in E-Commerce,   General Questions,   Shopping.
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    Agree with you that Al Rehab Attar is one of the most popular Attar brands in Bangladesh even there is controversial about the authenticity of that what available in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there is lots of Attar brands available but all that are not Original and most of the case it found replica. So, its really difficult to find a good source for Al Rehab Attar in Bangladesh who sale the original products in sealed pack as its made from the factory but that’s not the end some cases you may find it if anybody import it directly from Middle east countries. So to be sure better ask few things like-

    1.  Whether it comes with original factory sealed pack or not?
    2. Check the amount of the Attar
    3. Double check the Attar model and quantity on Al Rehab Official web site
    4. Ask specifically Model Code
    5. You may also check the bar code and compare with their web site for double verifications.

    Never the less some sellers are really trust able and you can buy them without much worry. So, as precaution check the customer’s review who bought the same item and give their opinion could be a better point to find the Original Al Rehab Attar in Bangladesh. Hope it helps!

    BestOnlineShop Contributor Answered on 11/27/2015.
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