How to setup VR BOX?

Recently I bought a VR BOX 2.0 from online but I don’t know how to see 3D movies with this device. I asked the seller they said I will need to install an Apps from the play store. I found VaR VR apps have a good rating in Google play store but after installing it I can’t set it up correctly. I will be really grateful if anyone can help me on  how can I setup VR BOX apps Thank you!

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    Installing or Configuring VR box is not the tough job. You need to download an App from the app store like “VarVR” or similar (which shows better ratings 🙂 ). after that you will need to have 3D contents like 3D movies or 360 content. Then play the movie with the Apps that you just download and put it on the VR box. You may need to adjust the focus and screen position according to your comfort. That’s it!! you are ready to enjoy the virtual world. 😀

    Zakir Hosen Rising Star Answered on 11/14/2016.
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      Before you do anything else, download the Google Cardboard app from the Google Play store for Android or from the iTunes store for the iPhone.
      Configuring your viewer
      Now you have to tell your phone what kind of headset you have. This is important, because different lenses distort the picture differently, and the phone has to know the curvature of the lenses, and how far they are from the phone, and so on. To do this, you need a Google Cardboard QR Code.
      It looks like a regular QR Code, except that there’s a Cardboard outline in the middle. For example, here’s the Google Cardboard QR Code for the Mattel View-Master:
      You might find one printed on the headset itself, in its instructions, or on the box it came in. If you can’t find it, check to see if it’s on our QR Codes page. Keep in mind that some headsets are sold under multiple brand names, so make sure that the picture matches your particular headset. If you still can’t find your QR Code — there are hundreds of manufacturers and I don’t have the codes for all of them — then I recommend that, first, you contact the seller and complain. Then, email me and ask for help, at You can also try the QR Codes for other sets until you find one that is close enough, or create your own — it only takes a few minutes.
      Okay, you now have a Google Cardboard QR Code.
      Now open the Google Cardboard app and click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
      That brings up the settings menu.
      Click on the first option, “Switch viewer.”
      This activates your phone’s camera. Point the camera at a picture of your QR Code. If you use our QR Code page, click on the QR Code first to open up the image, so that it’s the only QR Code on your computer screen.
      You should then get a confirmation message.
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      davidjohn2121 Newbie Answered on 10/25/2017.
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        This headset doesn’t have the constructed in magnet transfer for interactive with programs, so I made up a bit dongle with a small rare earth magnet internal. whilst i bought the headset, it also came with a miniature bluetooth gamepad, Buy Coursework and while many apps don’t take delivery of gamepad inputs (for a few weird and silly reason), quite some do.

        stevewaugh Newbie Answered on 12/18/2017.
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          I asked the merchant they said I should introduce an Apps from the play store. Coursework Help Online I discovered VaR VR applications have a decent appraising in Google play store yet in the wake of introducing it I can’t set it up accurately.

          andrewsymond Newbie Answered on 12/18/2017.
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